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  • Age: mid 50’s still have some life in us?
  • Children: Alex-26, Adam 23
  • From: Baltimore, Maryland


My wife and I have traveled to almost every Caribbean island, Mexico and Hawaii.

Last spring we decided to check out Costa Rica. I subscribe to International Living and they always mention Costa Rica as a great place to retire with a lot of expatriates. While surfing on the web I noticed an advertisement for Axiom at Ballena Beach. This peaked my interest and noticed that it was very close to where we were staying (Rancho Pacifico). So I made an appointment to check it out. During our stay we fell in love with the culture, people, and the lack of big development, beaches and wildlife in nature. Lots of good things! We were about to blow off our appointment because we were having such a good time but did not want to disappoint Tim Fenton who sent us an Axiom goodie basket and has been so helpful building up Axiom the proceeding weeks. So my wife and I met with Tim in which he handed us off to Kelvin who showed us the development.

Kelvin was friendly and very personable. He showcased how wonderful Axiom could be become but with the product you have it was easy for him. He gave us a tour of the beach, showed pictures of development and a background of what was to come. We did not make a decision then, but my wife and I pondered what we should do for the next few weeks. We researched the development team and found them extremely reputable. After many calls with Kelvin, we decided to put a deposit on a 3 bedroom unit. After tossing and turning and wondering if we really wanted 3 bedrooms, we changed to a 2 bedroom to fit our needs.

The next few months consisted of choosing a lawyer, design team and working with Kelvin. All these steps were almost too easy. I have never purchased more than a pr of shoes in a foreign land let alone a condo. Every visit we had leading up to the signing was easy and helped solidify our decision.
Last week we spent our first of many weeks in our new condo. We were still nervous about whether we made the proper decision. After the first night, there were no regrets.

The team at Axiom has been great during the whole process, from designing, to closing and now the rental phase. We purchased the unit for a retirement place in the future but until then we will be renting out the unit. The team has over 20 days lined up of renters in the month to come with very little marketing.
I just hope the renters take care of our new/future home.

We are pleased with our decision and hope the future brings fun, sun and prosperity.

Paul and Lisa Davis