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Dulce Pacífico –  A New Way of Designing, Building and Living in the Tropics

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Costa Rica Ocean-Mountain View Luxury Residences

This one-of-a-kind sustainable luxury real estate development is the perfect scenario for people looking for comfort in the rainforest. This community was created for owners that believe in environmentally-conscious practices, outdoor activities, and wellness, as a form of living. The design fundamentals are based on framing the surroundings, as a way of bringing nature indoors while in the security and comfort of a luxury residential development.


“GREEN” Homes Every facet of the Dulce Pacifico community is based on the concept of eco-friendly homes and amenities our team has thoughtfully designed a nature-friendly environment for our residents.

THE MODEL HOMES are the real protagonists in the story written by each one of our owners. Each individual home will be unique to the selected property setting created by our experienced design team integrating the natural features of the specific lot, be it lot shape, trees, or other topographical features to define each home as one of a kind in a community that is quite idiosyncratic.


  • High-Speed Fiber Optic Internet
  • Digital TV
  • Underground Electricity
  • Solar Street Lighting
  • Paved Roads
  • Paved Sidewalks
  • Running & Biking Trails
  • Multiple Water Sources
  • Lush Landscaping and Mature Forest
  • Waterfalls and Natural Pools
  • Rental and Concierge Service
  • Security with Facility Onsite
  • Entry Gatehouses
  • Property Management

Luxury and Sustainability Combined Along the Beautiful Views to Uvita Beach

The residential community of Dulce Pacífico is over 100 acres in the shape of an amphitheater to the sea. This land formation protects the view corridors providing privacy and security.

A thermodynamic phenomenon occurs throughout Dulce Pacifico as it sits on a landmass with an ocean on both sides. Air is drawn back and forth over the ridge and through the valley due to the difference in temperatures in the waters and the land. This provides a constant cool breeze throughout the day.

The Dulce Pacifico valley was shaped over the millennia to form this gently sloping fertile valley. A creek fed from springs creates the heart of the property providing abundant flora and fauna to flourish throughout the community. The creek shimmers and dances as it plays a symphony of life for the adjacent property owners to enjoy.

Dulce Pacífco is a culmination of years of listening and understanding the pain points of residents and buyers in Costa Rica. At Dulce Pacifico, buyers may choose from 47 large estate properties, with breathtaking ocean and mountain views, and have our team develop your vision of the perfect Costa Rica Jungle Home Experience. Through the use of our unique architectural design system, you as the owner have the flexibility of designing the home to your individual needs and lifestyle, while achieving cost and material efficiency.

The process is simple and fun!

1. Sit with our designers and review your new home in a three-dimensional medium taking into consideration the natural features and view corridors of the estate property you choose.

2. When you have the home design that fits your needs we will digitally render the property settings to give you a realistic feel of the home and the views. The experience is collaborative in every way. This is your home and your design. It is our goal to empower you to create the home that fits your family or investment needs. Our team will take that idea and make it tangible.

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You will visit the Dulce Pacífico community with one of our lifestyle specialists to explore our estate properties and make a property selection that fits their family or investment needs. Next, you will select a model home and our in-house designers will virtually layout the home on the site based on the client’s specific needs and site conditions. When satisfied general pricing for the home and property package is provided and a reservation deposit is made by the client to hold the property.


Axiom will create an architectural set for the client to approve, including plans, photo-realistic renderings, and 3D models of the home in the natural settings of the property.


After the home design is revised and agreed on the client signs the Sales and Purchase Agreement and releases an advance payment over the property value. Once the Models are approved by the client and the Sales and Purchase Agreement is signed, the permit set is compiled and presented to the government institutions.


The client signs the closing documents for the purchase of the property and releases the outstanding amount of the property value. The client signs the building agreement with our construction company and releases part of the construction value according to the contract.


Once the permit set is approved the Axiom Construction Company starts to build.

Client release the first progress payment when foundations are complete and a second progress payment when roofs are completed.


Client release final progress payment at delivery.

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Blake Delatte

Sales Director

A creative visionary and detailed taskmaster, Blake’s approach to development comes from his diverse background as a designer and a master planner.


I liked the Axiom products. How do I proceed to purchase?

You have passed the “viewing stage”, and are ready to get serious. Your question is “How do I proceed?” Here is a list of questions that probably come up, accompanied by general guidelines on how to proceed. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions that are not listed here and we will gladly guide you further and in more detail, based on your individual case

Can foreigners purchase property in Costa Rica?

Unlike some other countries, foreigners have the same rights when purchasing a property in Costa Rica as locals do. You can own property outright in your own name or in the name of your corporation. (A corporation set up locally by you or an existing corporation in your country.) You do not need a local partner.

How do I know that Axiom will finish the development(s)?

All ADG developments have been reviewed and approved by MEIC – Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce of Costa Rica. ADG has gone through a long process and a guaranteebond to be able to build and sell during construction or preconstruction. MEIC is an entity that was established to protect the buyers and to make sure the developers finish and deliver what they have promised. We can provide copies of the authorization process, if requested.

Are the Axiom condos, villas and estates sold furnished or unfurnished?

All units are sold unfurnished and as agreed in the corresponding Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA). We can, however, refer you to some furniture packages with different companies, that have worked well for previous buyers.

What is the pricing trend in Costa Rica, but especially in the Costa Ballena area?

Costa Rica’s higher-end property market continues to grow rapidly as foreign homebuyers flock in. The average listing price of homes has been increasing since 2011 at a rate between 3.6% and 6.2%. Costa Ballena is currently an area in development and the best deals can be found in new developments, like the ones of ADG. At the same time, this popular location is experiencing increase in demand, which in turn will create higher return on investment (ROI).

Costa Rica has proven to be attractive to foreign investors for its relatively open investment and trade policies, as well as being the most politically stable country in Latin America. Costa Rica’s property market is expected to remain vibrant and robust, according to local property experts.

The market in Costa Rica is simply too strong to wait too long, particularly in the Costa Ballena area, not to mention the properties of ADG. There is nothing like it in the area.

Note: Real Estate is not guaranteed. As any other investment, there is a risk involved and we recommend you do some research to decide if this type of investment is right for you. We will however add that history shows, this quote by Will Rogers to be true: “Don’t wait to buy good real estate, buy good real estate and wait.”

What is the payment schedule for a purchase in pre-construction or under construction?

For the purchase of a unit in pre-construction or under construction the payment schedule is as follows: after signing the SPA (more details about this in “I am ready to proceed. When do I receive- and sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement?”) you are required to make a 30% Contract Payment, within three working days. When the foundation of your unit (building) is finished, we will submit a Certificate of Completion signed and notarized by an Engineer. You will then have thirty calendar days to make the second 30% down-payment, called the Foundation Payment. When we submit the Certification of Completion for the roof you will have thirty calendar days to make the third 30% down-payment, called the Roof Payment. The fourth scheduled payment, refers to the completion of the walls and you will have thirty calendar days to make the last 10% down-payment, called the Wall Payment. When the unit is finished, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and a thirty calendar-day notice to schedule closing. Two weeks before closing, you will receive the corresponding Closing Statement, which details the balance to be paid at closing and the details of how the money will be distributed.

Do I need to open an Escrow Account?

Not necessarily, but we do recommend you open one. We recommend looking into working with E&T Escrow Trust Solutions. They have proven to be reliable, easy to work with, bilingual and have offices in both Uvita and San Isidro. They are also recognized and authorized by the Financial Sector of Costa Rica, through an entity known as SUGEF. E & T Trust Solutions Mrs. Jeimy Quesada Delgado E-mail: jquesada@escrowtrustsolutions.com T. +506.2771.6789

You may also choose any other escrow company that you wish to work with, however, please make sure to do your research and due diligence when choosing a different option. You may also choose to make your payments directly to ADG, in the end it’s your final decision and at the end of the day, no matter which option you choose, you will have to provide a series of legal documents to proof the origin of funds. Costa Rica is against money laundering, drug money, and/or money earned through any illegal activities and ADG is responsible to ensure that the money received for the purchases of real estate is cleared.

What documents do I need, to proof origin of funds?

First, we need to know who you are and therefore, we will provide a Knowledge of Client form is to be filled out by the potential buyer. We will also request a copy of your passport (all pages), and a copy of your Driver’s License, if you have one. The rest of the documents depend on the value of your purchase, the information you provided in the Knowledge of Client form, and your preference of payment option. Therefore, the process to be followed from this point onwards, can vary from case to case.

Are new homes under any guarantee?

Yes. The contractor, under Costa Rican law, provides a 5-year guarantee on the structure of the buildings.The 5-year guarantee, is valid from the official day of delivery to the developer, who in turn, passes the remaining time of guarantee over to the buyer upon closing.

Are appliances, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture and closet furniture under guarantee?

Yes, they are under guarantee for a period of 1-year.

Are the properties sold by Axiom “deeded”?

When you buy a property at ADG, you own the property entirely and you will possess both the deed and title. This also means that in the future, you will be able to transfer your property to others.

How does the property get registered in my name?

Upon signing the deed transfer, your notary will proceed to register your name on the National Registry. All titled properties are registered in the National Registry and all registered surveys are found in the National Cadaster; part of the National Registry. The National Registry is now almost completely digital. Certifications of a property, as well as powers of attorney of a corporation and copies of the survey can be bought online.

What is the payment schedule to purchase a finished unit at Axiom?

Three working days after signing the SPA (more details about this in “I am ready to proceed. When do I receive- and sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement?”) you will be required to deposit a percentage of the unit sales price. Within three working days, we will send you a notice to schedule the closing, which can be as early as thirty calendar days. Two weeks before closing you will receive the corresponding Closing Statement, which details the balance to be paid at closing and the details of how the money will be distributed. Five days before closing date, the remaining balance is to be deposited in Escrow. (more details about this in “Do I need to open an Escrow Account?”)

What other fees do I have to pay at the time of closing?

All closing costs are shared equally between ADG and the buyer. Closing costs in Costa Rica are relatively low; less than USD 2,000 per USD 100,000 of the sale price. Closing costs include: Transfer Tax (1.5% of the registered value) Public Registry Fee (0.05% of the registered value) Tax Stamps, which ad up to around USD 60 per transaction and include the municipality stamp, hospital stamp, agrarian stamp, bar association stamp, fiscal stamp and a national archive stamp. A notary fee of USD 1,250, based on 1.5% of the first million Costa Rican Colones of the sales price and 1.25% of the remainder.

If you still have questions and/or doubts on the cost of closing a real estate deal with ADG, feel free to contact: E & T Trust Solutions, Mrs. Jeimy Quesada Delgado E-mail:jquesada@escrowtrustsolutions.com T.+506.2771.6789

Do I need to hire a Real Estate Attorney?

Locals, residents and non-residents should hire an attorney for their Real Estate purchases. Don’t just hire any attorney for your ADG purchase(s). We recommend you hire a good, bilingual real estate attorney / notary public and someone who specializes in real estate, so you are well represented in the process. Only a notary public can record a purchase in the National Registry through a protocolled deed that will be registered in the National Registry. We have listed some referrals below, but feel free to do your own research as well:

  • Uvita Law Firm Kristi Penland
  • E-mail: kristi@uvitalawfirm.com   T.+50627438619
  • CV Firm Casimiro Vargas
  • E-mail: casimiro@cvfirm.com   T.+50627438416
  • CMF CR Law Fernando Montero
  • E-mail: fmontero@cmfcrlaw.com    T.+50622237711
  • Cresco Legal Adrian Obando
  • E-mail: adrianobando@gmail.com T. +50688606873
  • EY Law Alberto Saenz
  • E-mail: alberto.saenz@cr.ey.com T. +50688805252
How do I reserve the home of my choice?

Sign a “Reservation Agreement” and make a one-time “Reservation Deposit” of USD 5,000, fully refundable for the first ten calendar days. The cooling period, as we call it, helps you to think about your decision, and protects both parties from it being a heat-of-the-moment decision; at the same time, it serves as a guarantee that we will hold the unit of your choice. If you haven’t yet; talk it over with your spouse, partner, advisors, lawyer, family and friends and at the end of the ten days, you can continue the process or write us to cancel and request the refund of your “Reservation Deposit”. The “Reservation Deposit” can be paid by credit card (we accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express) or by wire transfer. We do not accept cash payments of any kind.

I am ready to proceed; when do I receiveand sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement?

Congratulations! You have made a great decision and we are here for you all the way. Three days after you sign the Reservation Agreement you will receive the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) via e-mail. Depending on the fact that you bought a finished unit, a unit on pre-construction or in construction, the document will vary.

The SPA for a finished unit is a simple, short form, modeled on a United States-style purchase agreement. This agreement does not formally pass the title of the property from ADG to the buyer, but it sets out the terms and conditions that must be satisfied prior to closing and establishes the obligations of both the Buyer and Seller during the due diligence period of the transaction.

If the unit is bought under pre-construction or in construction phase, ADG will provide a document that has been reviewed and approved by MEIC (see “How do I know that Axiom will finish the development(s)?” mentioned above) that protects the buyer. This document, known as “Receipt of Deposit and Purchase and Sale Agreement”, is an agreement authorized by MEIC, that sets all the terms and conditions for both the seller and the buyer. After you receive the SPA you have a period of 7 working days to review it and sign it. After you sign the SPA, you have an additional three working days to make your payment of the first 10% contract payment and formalize the purchase. Once this is done, ADG will continue the construction process until the unit is finished and you will make the scheduled payments as outlined in the SPA. (See “What is the payment schedule for a purchase in pre-construction or under construction?” for guidelines.)

The points mentioned above, serve as a guideline. Should you have any doubts, questions and or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact one of us any time. We are here to assist you through the process and find ways to accommodate you to the best of our ability.

How much will I have to pay in property taxes?

Property tax in Costa Rica is extremely low. The current rate per year is 0.25%, in other words ¼ of a point of the recorded value. For example, if a home costs USD 500,000, you would have to pay only USD 1,250 per year. In Costa Rica, you have the option of paying this tax either annually or quarterly

How much will I have to pay in property transfer taxes?

There is a 3% property transfer tax. This tax is based upon the registered value placed on the property transfer deed at the time of sale. At the time of transfer, the transfer tax is shared equally between Axiom and the buyer.

What financing options are available in Costa Rica?

If you are a local citizen or a permanent lawful resident, your best option is to contact your account manager at your bank. ADG developments have already been pre-qualified by Banco de Costa Rica, Banco Nacional and Scotiabank. Bank financing is not available for foreigners. For non-residents, a financing option could be a personal short-term loan, available only for 1 to 5 years, with an interest rate between 11% and 18% per year. Should you decide to go this route, we can help you find the right option. Foreigners also have the option of finding financing at their bank in the country of origin. You might be eligible for a “Self-directed IRA”. For more information on this last-mentioned option, feel free to contact:

The Entrust Group

  • Munzer Ghosheh – Business Development Manager
  • E-mail kmark@theentrustgroup.com
  • T. +1 877 310 3967 or +1 480 469 0788
  • 4742 N 24th Street, Suite 300, Phoenix, AZ 85016

When you purchase on a construction-phase or pre-construction phase, there are pre-approved payment schedules, that provide a “self-financing” option, of roughly around eighteen months, depending on the construction progress of your unit, (it can be a couple of months less or more), without interest. For more details on how this works, see: What is the payment schedule for a purchase in pre-construction or under construction?” Depending on the construction progress of your unit, you can “auto-finance” the purchase of your new home!

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