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Every Axiom project begins with sustainability as a core definition, and development does not begin until the functioning of the land is fully understood. As a result, Axiom has remained ahead of the curve with strategic planning initiatives that have already begun to bear fruit. Development of The Terraces at San Martin began with a strategic plan to designate preserve areas that would ensure the uninhibited flow of the surrounding rainforest canopy and its fauna. The company also designated preserve lands within its own concession as a contribution to the valuable efforts of the Path of the Tapir biological corridor project. As Phase I of Élan at Ballena nears completion, development of the community nestled between one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches and a national park has not only succeeded in preserving all existing trees on the site, but its own nursery of 25,000 indigenous plants is helping to enhance the future of delicate ecosystems that anchor its surroundings. Included in the nursery are more than 1,000 trees, including hardwoods and other species that provide essential nutrients to surrounding fauna.

Through initiatives like the nursery at Élan at Ballena, the reach of Axiom’s strategic planning has extended to the beautification efforts of surrounding communities outside of its development zones, including the town of Uvita. Axiom also donated 100 trees to Marino Ballena National Park earlier this year in conjunction with the reforestation efforts of Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (MINAE). The donation will not only enhance the region’s overall regeneration process, but the 100 Mountain Almond trees form an important part of the natural habitat of the endangered great green macaw.

    • We have dedicated preserve area within the development so not to disturb the existing ecosystem.
    • All canopy remains intact and we are enhancing with our reforestation program.
    • We are planting native fruiting species to bring back wildlife to our area.
    • We have a nursery of over 25,000 plants and 2,000 native trees which are donated to the park system when mature enough to plant.
    • Since the beginning of our reforestation program we have seen a steady increase in wildlife species and quantity.
    • Elan designed all structures to work with the natural surroundings integrating trees and land formations into the deigns.
    • The cascading pools and decks are elevated above the roots systems of the jungle floor to reduce the impact. The pools are formed around the existing trees to incorporate them into the design and bring the wildlife experience to our residence and guest in a natural way.
    • We are dedicated to maintain and enhancing our arboreal wildlife. This allows us to bring the nature right up to our homes for an experience like to other.
    • We have planted species of trees and plants to bring back many different species scarcely seen in our are before we begin our programs


National Parks Day – Very Happy to have sponsored this work for National Park Foundation on the occasion of National Park Day celebration!  BPA-free plastic bottles.