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Axiom is working closely with the Costa Rican government to develop new programs that will allow all common areas of its developments to run on solar power. As a result, the company’s Élan at Ballena project will use solar energy to power common areas including swimming pools, elevators, exterior lighting, a commercial center, entry buildings and recreation pavilions. Additionally, Axiom is sparing no expense by opting to install high-efficiency Daikin air conditioning systems in all of its units, ensuring a higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Élan at Ballena‘s insulated building materials and LED lighting further assist the cause, while sustainable design features, including the optimization of natural wind and sun patterns, also help to offset energy consumption. Within the luxurious confines of Axiom’s multi-million dollar mountaintop estates in the Sierra Collection, solar energy technology has also been installed in order to offset consumption from the grid for things like modern appliances and alarm systems.

Axiom is raising the bar on sustainable living by incorporating contemporary comforts into environments where both man and nature can harmoniously co-exist. While history has left a wake of destruction in the path of man’s conquest of nature, Axiom’s extensive experience in sustainable development, and in Central America, is helping to strike a delicate balance along the Costa Ballena coast. Within the parameters of that delicate balance, the company is employing painstaking measures to ensure the preservation of the natural beauty that brought us to Costa Rica in the first place, while disproving the misconception that sustainable living must be something less than luxurious.