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The world is a beautiful place. Through the course of history, man has been venturing into uncharted territory in pursuit of its most beautiful treasures. Too many of those treasures have fallen to the refrain of ‘we’re here for a good time, not a long time’. Fortunately, the sounding of alarms has brought environmental consciousness to the forefront of many agendas, including those of national governments in countries like Costa Rica.

Human nature drives people to the world’s most beautiful places, but there are ways to balance and mitigate that migration with footprints that walk beside those of Mother Nature. Beautiful places should remain beautiful forever, which requires development that is not only sustainable today, but also enhancing for the future. There’s no point building in paradise today if paradise will be lost tomorrow.

While the profound natural beauty of Costa Ballena is what drew Axiom to its shores, Costa Rica’s protection policies and strict development regulations also struck an harmonious chord with the company’s philosophy and experience. Through disciplined planning, development and construction, Axiom is going above and beyond to build thoughtfully-integrated communities in the most bio-diverse region of Costa Rica.

We are here for a long time, filled with good times, and we want to ensure that Costa Ballena remains one of the most beautiful natural wonders left on earth.